Breakfast with the Kangaroos

                        Breakfast with the Kangaroos

                               This tour will suite the early risers

Departing Mackay 3/4 hour prior to sunrise you will travel to Cape Hillsborough to see the Kangaroos and Walliabies roaming the beach prior to sunrise you will have a cup off of coffee/tea on the beach before going to the Mangrove Board Walk to hear about the way our traditional land owners lived in this area in the past. Breakfast will be had at the Old Station Tea Room’s prior to travelling home by approx 10.30am

Exclusive Personalised Tours – 

  • 1 only passenger $295.00,
  • 2 passengers $160.00 p/p,
  • 3 passengers $ 130.00 p/p

General Tours :  4 + Passengers $115.00 p/p

Not suitable for wheel chairs.